Why use us?

Why use us?

Want a good reason to use Trading Phone? Why not have ten!

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The price you see, is the price you get. Guaranteed.

We promise to pay you 100% of the value quoted or your phone back FREE of charge. No nasty inflated 'up to' prices to tempt you in and leave you disappointed.

Our fast payment really is the fastest.

You want your money. You want it fast. So we promise to send your payment on the same day we receive your phone! Our FPS bank transfers clear in your account on the same day. No slow BACS payments which take 3 working days.

Fixed prices for both working and faulty.

We think you should know exactly how much you’re going to get for your phone up front, whether your phone is working or faulty, rather than having to send it off and waiting for it to be assessed and valued. Saves any disappointment!

No seller fees that eat into the cash you receive.

The price we quote is the price you receive in your pocket. No seller fees or hidden costs that eat into the amount you get.

Simple, fair conditions that won't catch you out.

We've made sure our conditions are fair and simple to understand. No nasty small print to catch you out and leave you disappointed.